How to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable

NFL is arguably the most favorite sports league in the US. Not to mention that the diehard fans are not always the US citizen, making this as one of the most popular sports on earth. Nowadays, many people prefer to cut the cord and Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable instead. If for any reason you want to watch your favorite team using online means without cable, you have come to the right place. Here we are going to share you the ways to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable. So, without further ado, let’s see our compelling list.

How to Watch NFL Football Live Stream Online without Cable

Duration September 6, 2018 – December 30, 2018
Teams 32
Live Stream Watch Here Free
Watch From anywhere (Out of USA)
FuboTV (free trial) + Safer VPN
TV Coverage CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN
Super Bowl (Final) February 3, 2019

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is prevalent for those who want to follow Sunday afternoon games and Thursday games. With this option, you will never miss your favorite team if they play on such days. CBS All Access can work if you are living in the coverage area. You will be able to watch the game for free without paying a single dime. You can also watch Thursday games. CBS All Access is a common choice for those who are using CBS service regularly. If you don’t have a cable, then it can be the excellent alternative to watch your favorite teams in the NFL 2018 season. It is a common choice for those who don’t want to deal with the cable or satellite subscription in the local market. CBS All Access costs $5.99 per month.The benefit is that you can watch the CBS live anywhere you are and mobile devices. As long as you have a decent internet connection and compatible device, you will be able to enjoy the NFL games that you have been expecting.

To get the service, you will need to go to the official site of CBS All Access. Then you will need to choose the media streaming service plan you want. This comes with the 7-day free trial so that you might want to use it first before deciding to purchase the streaming package. The CBS extends the agreement to stream the NFL games on CBS All Access. This year is going to be a fantastic moment for all the CBS users. Not only the entire 2018-2019 NFL Season, but you will also be able to enjoy the Super Bowl LIII.

Hulu With Live TV

Keep in mind that Hulu With Live TV is different from conventional Hulu. Rather than watching TV shows on demand, you will be able to stream the NFL games online. It can be one of the best ways to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable. It offers FOX, CBS, NBC, as well as ESPN channel. It costs you $40 per month, the same price as Sling TV. If you want to watch all the games-on-demand, you can add $7.99 more to unlock this service. Consider using its free trial if you are not sure to purchase the service.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is an excellent choice for the console users. It offers the local channels like NBC, FOX, and CBS in a select market. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch your local teams on screen. For Monday Night games, PlayStation Vue also adds the ESPN. With $45, you will get around 48+ channels.

YouTube TV

YouTube is more than TV. It provides such stable content including how to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable. It comes with the NBC, FOX, CBS for local games, as well as ESPN. There are also other sports channels, entertainment channels, as well as new channels. For the package, you could spend only $40 per month. It also comes with the 7-day free trial to allow you to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable without paying a single dime for seven consecutive days.

NFL Game Pass

Keep in mind that if you are only interested in Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable, NFL Game Pass only provides you replays and games on-demand. However, you can view it as soon after the games finished. The key here is to avoid any spoilers that may ruin your excitements. So, make sure your friends won’t spoil any specific information to you before you watch the games by yourself.

It includes all the regular games for the whole season and the replays of all games tracing back from 2009. Fans can always watch the past games for reviews or nostalgic excitement. You can also enjoy this service for free with its 7-day free trial program.


fuboTV is relatively newer than other media streaming services. But still, you will attain tons of benefits when adding this into your Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable option. FuboTV has added the significant channels that broadcast the NFL games. That means you won’t need to purchase any TV cable subscription to enjoy your favorite team’s games right from your screen. Plus, fuboTV gives you the authentication to access the NBC Sports App, FOX Sports Go App, as well as WatchESPN. For most football lovers, these channels are the core of their spectacles. If you are new to this, you don’t have to make a decision now. You can enjoy the service for free using the 7-day free trial and watch all the NFL games from wherever you are.

DirecTV Now

Do not misunderstand the DirecTV with DirecTV Now. These are different services. Through DirecTV Now, you can get the access to Monday Night football games every week. As we know, ESPN networks usually host all Monday Night football games on a weekly basis. Besides ESPN, you can also watch the Sunday games on FOX and NBC. It costs $35 per month. DirecTV is also compatible with most of the devices. You could read the details on its official page.

Sling TV

Sling TV is by far the most affordable and complete package to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable. There are two packages to purchase if you want to have all NFL games coverage, Sling Orange, and Sling Blue. And it will cost you $40. But if you don’t need NFL RedZone, you could purchase the Sling Orange since it gives you the access to most NFL major channels. But it also depends on the market area. If you are living in the area wherein specific games don’t show up, you can’t use the service. To be sure, you could check whether your location can use this service through Sling TV official page.

Verizon Wireless Device Users

If you are Verizon customer, you will be able to Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable for free. With your Verizon device, you can stream all the NFL games anytime, anywhere you want. You will be able to watch Thursday NFL games, Monday games, as well as Sunday games through your devices. If you don’t mind to see the actions from the limited screen of mobile devices, then this option is for you. After all, there is a lot of smartphones today has an HDMI port to connect to your TV.

What you need to do is download the NFL Mobile App, install, and choose your shows. Using the NFL Mobile app is straightforward. It is a perfect option for those who want to enjoy the NFL Games while on the go. Verizon Wireless is also affordable. Anyone can purchase it. Consider checking the price now at the official page of Verizon wireless.

How to Watch Sunday Night Football Live Online?

If you want to focus your attention on Sunday Night Football games, then the safest option is YouTube TV. With $40 per month, you can watch over 70+ channels including these NFL games. You can also use its free nfl live stream trial if you are not sure to spend your money on YouTube. YouTube TV provides the stable performance of streaming.

Hulu with Live TV can be a great option to watch Sunday Night Football with the binge-watching for the bonus. For $39.99 per month, you can enjoy 57+ channels including the NFL games. However, you can’t enjoy the NFL Network from this service.

Abbott, on the other side, can come in handy if you need more coverage of NFL Network. If you don’t need NFL network, it is better to pick the two options above.

How to Watch Monday Night Football Live Online?

Monday Night Football can be one of the most famous spectacles that you want to watch from the NFL flags. If you’re going to focus on enjoying Monday Night Football live online, there are some ways to do it.

Firstly, we’d like to recommend Sling TV. It is the cheapest and most reasonable service. With only $25 per month, you can enjoy the Monday Night Football from ESPN. You can also watch the Monday Night Football games for a free nfl live stream with the 7-day Sling free trial.

The Sling Orange package grants you the ESPN and other 25 fantastic channels any beside you can also enjoy college football live stream online

PlayStation Vue comes as the number two recommendation. Although it is more expensive than Sling TV service, it offers a complete solution. You will attain Monday Night Football, NFL Network, as well as NFL Red Zone. It costs $49.99 per month.

Then you could try Hulu with Live TV if you are not up to the two options above. Besides the Monday Night Football games, the service gives you the binge-watching opportunity. The package is only $39.99 per month. The downside is that you won’t get NFL Network or NFL red zone.

How to Watch Thursday Night Football Live Online?

For those who are fond of Thursday Night Football games, you will have plenty of options to enjoy the spectacle from your favorite devices.

PlayStation Vue comes as the top recommended service because of its quality and reliability. Although it tends to be more expensive than other services, it is by far the best service without glitching. PlayStation Vue offers the best experience for its users.

For the budget conscious, Sling TV is the best choice. You will get most of the coverage of Thursday Night Football by using the Sling TV package. You will need a decent internet connection to enjoy the service. The Amazon Prime Video can be the cheapest option. However, it only provides 11 out of the 18 Thursday Night Football games this season alone.

DIRECTV will provide every single NFL game this season. However, it comes with a contract so that you have to pay for 24 months. The price will be increasing after 12 months. It is entirely deterrence for many NFL fans.

Can I Watch NFL Network Online without Cable?

Some media streaming services include NFL Network in their package. First things first, we’d like to recommend fuboTV. It has such great feature, and you will get the NFL Network in its most basic package. The only missing link is the ESPN. Sling TV Sling Blue Package offers both NFL Network and NFL RedZone for a reasonable price. It is indeed the cheapest way to watch NFL football games without cable. Then there is PlayStation Vue that you can use to watch the NFL Network in HD. However, its core package is the most expensive amongst the other media streaming providers. But you won’t get any single missing link in PlayStation Vue.

Where can you Watch NFL RedZone online?

Some streaming networks are familiar to you to watch NFL RedZone live online. From the cheapest one, Sling TV. It is indeed the most affordable way to enjoy the NFL RedZone from your place. It is available as the part of additional $10 that you need to add in the Sling TV Blue Package. Consider trying its 7-day free nfl live stream trial before making your decision.

Then there is RedZone in FuboTV. It is a bit new in the industry but has been found by many people. You can add more $8.99 as the add-on package in its premiere plan which costs you $34.99 per month.

PlayStation Vue offers the excellent quality of service. However, it is $50 per month that you need to spend to enjoy the service. Unless you need the other significant channels from different niches, it is not necessary to purchase this service.

How Can I Watch NFL Online Outside the US?

If you are outside the US, you will have options to watch the NFL season. Many people are wondering about how to watch nfl online and their favorite teams while they are overseas.


Canada has an adequate media streaming service called DAZN. The good thing here is that through the DAZN, you will be able to enjoy the regular season, playoffs, as well as Super Bowl. And each game is available LIVE and ON-DEMAND. You have the freedom to choose how you are enjoying the games.

United Kingdom

The good thing here is that you could watch the NFL live from almost anywhere with your favorite devices, including the NFL International series in London. Stick to these providers: Sky Sports, Sky Go, or Now TV.

For a lot of live coverage, you could tune in Sky Sports, and Sky go. If you are not Sky Customer, you can use Now TV as a great alternative. Besides the mobile devices, you can also access the service through your updated browser.

BBC iPlayer will accommodate the Thursday night games. Meanwhile, the NFL Game Pass will provide the games live or on-demand this season.


If you are using your TV streaming service consider these in your notes:

  • Sunday Day Football: FOX and CBS
  • Sunday Night Football: NBC
  • Monday Night Football: ESPN
  • Thursday Night Football: NBC and CBS


If you are in Germany, you will want to consider using NFL Game Pass to give you ample access to the NFL games. There is some subscription available both for the season and can watch the NFL games outside the US, but the games you get will depend on where you are, or where you appear to be.

If you are cord-cutter, use one of the services mentioned above with VPN to change your Germany IP to US IP,

Use VPN to stream NFL Games From Anywhere:

No matter media streaming services or options you choose, there’s a chance that you experience the blocking. It is a worse thing for most viewers around the world. But as mentioned, using VPN will solve the problem instantly. All you need to do is to choose the reliable VPN services, switch your IP address, and enjoy the streaming.

You could visit the official site of VPN services to know the further tutorials.

We Recommend: SaferVPN (The Fastest & Simplest)

NFL Game Pass and VPN: Does it still work?

The answer is YES. Whether you are in the US, or outside the US, you could open the access to most of the services above with the VPN. In many ways, the media streaming services limit their services based on the location coverage.

There are some blackout restrictions in some areas in the country or overseas. If you happen to be living in the areas which have the blackout, you won’t be able to access the services although you’ve already subscribed to these. It is a pity. But you can outsmart it with the VPN services. For instance, you will want to open your Sling TV, but you are currently staying in Bali for your holiday. You will need a US IP to unblock the restriction. Use the VPN service to switch the current IP to the US IP so that you can access the service.

If you are using TV antenna, you could get the NBC, CBS, and FOX in the local broadcasts.


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